Eason Tsang Ka Wai

4 mins 20 secs
(Image courtesy of artist and Para Site)
Eason Tsang Ka Wai participates in "Imagine there's no country, Above us only our cities"
at Para Site, Hong Kong

1 August - 6 September 2015

Para Site presents “Imagine there’s no country, Above us only our cities”, an exhibition opening on 31 July and on view through 6 September. Curated by Jims Lam Chi Hang, this is the first in a new series of exhibitions working with emerging Hong Kong curators.

The exhibition features new works by artists living in Hong Kong: Oscar Chan Yik Long, Cheng Ting Ting, Luke Ching, Mark Chung, Chris Huen Sin Kan, Lam Hoi Sin, Lau Wai, Ng Ka Chun, Eason Tsang Ka Wai, Tang Kwok Hin, Morgan Wong and Elvis Yip Kin Bon.

From the moment people are born, they are tied to a nationality. Even though nationality is granted by a greater power, when it comes to daily life, the idea of practicing one’s nationality is no doubt an abstract concept. This exhibition has been developed through a series of discussions between the curator and the artists, starting with the idea that the nation is massive and the individual is tiny, so perhaps stories are best told through the voices of the city. Artists were asked to suspend the idea of nationality, and look back at their past individual experiences within the framework of the current social situation. Reflecting on their identity and attempting to reexamine the footprints of their city resulted in stories, and with various lengths and depths, these stories came together to shape their city.

About the artist - Eason Tsang Ka Wai