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Eason Tsang Ka Wai exhibits at MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China

14 Oct - 3 Nov 2016

Curator: Aimee Lin

Featured artists: Liang Yue, Eason Tsang Ka Wai

Eason will exhibit his video work, Boring 30 seconds (2016) in the double solo exhibition “Wind in the Pines” at MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China. Curated by Aimee Lin, “Wind in Pine” is an exhibition in a special pavilion by MOCA, constructed in transparent material and situated in a public space close to the bustling traffic and cultural institutions of Shanghai. Through the works of Liang Yue and Eason Tsang Ka Wai, the pavilion sheds the societal, public, political and consumerist context of its surrounding space, and becomes an experiential site where the pure perception of obsolete objects can fully unfold.

Venue: MOCA Pavilion, Shanghai, China

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