Sin Wai Kin featured in group exhibition “<strong>After Laughter Comes Tears</strong>“

Sin Wai Kin featured in group exhibition “After Laughter Comes Tears

“After Laughter Comes Tears” is an experimental exhibition dedicated to performance, and the second edition of the Mudam Performance Season launched in 2021. Conceived as a ‘performative exhibition’, “After Laughter Comes Tears” will feature the work of thirty-four artists working across the mediums of performance, installation and video. Titled after the 1964 track ‘After Laughter’ by American soul singer and songwriter Wendy Rene, the exhibition unfolds in four acts, mimicking the theatrical narrative of prologue, act 1, act 2, act 3, act 4 and epilogue. By considering moving image and installation as much as the exhibition and its scenography as performative objects, “After Laughter Comes Tears” proposes to expand the definition of performance. Simultaneously, it grounds the medium of performance within the museum, which traditionally hosts it as an occasional and timed utterance.

Sin Wai Kin’s The Story Cycle will be featured in the exhibition.

Venue: Mudam Galleries, Luxembourg