Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 2.0) Karaoke Lecture Performance by Wong Kit Yi

Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 2.0) Karaoke Lecture Performance by Wong Kit Yi

Time: 4:30-6pm (Hong Kong Time GMT+8)
Venue: Blindspot Gallery

Performance: 4:30-5pm
Discussion: 5-6pm

Artist Conversation: Wong Kit Yi and John Tain
Moderators: Nick Yu

Wong Kit Yi’s newest work Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 2.0) (2021) explores the phenomenon of jet-lag and the spatial temporal displacement the body experiences. In a time where travel bans restrict the crossing of time zones, video call technologies force us to reverse our logic on what it means to be in sync with time. Comparing jet-lag to a witch’s broomstick flight, Wong delves into hallucinatory possibilities of disruptions in our circadian rhythm. Using her karaoke style lecture to present her pseudoscientific endeavours, she places an acute awareness and fixation to the timing of on screen subtitles, inviting us to redefine the reality of the present, whilst being governed by our construct of time.

Wong Kit Yi will be presenting her lecture performance of Yes-Jet-Lag (formula 2.0) as part of the programme for Play and Loop III. An artist conversation between Wong Kit Yi and John Tain will be held after the performance and moderated by Nick Yu.

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