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Sin Wai Kin participates in group exhibition “Protozone 4 – Extra Worlding” at Shedhalle, Zurich

17 Sep - 31 Oct 2021

Utilising the formation of a four-piece boyband whose members comprise of masculine drag characters, Sin Wai Kin presents It’s Always You (2021), a new body of work composing of a dual-channel tongue in cheek music video and various other boyband ephemera that capture an essence of queer joy.

Sin deconstructs the cultural elements that form a successful boyband and explore the evolvement of gender, sexuality and expectations of masculinity within the boyband industry. Sin adopts the role of all four members in their boyband – The One, The Universe, The Storyteller and Wai King; each assuming an independent persona that strives to take apart a number of ingrained binaries that colonial and patriarchal narratives have embedded into our system. By considering the structural formulation of boybands, Sin explores the idea of collective individuals operating as a singular unit and presents the idea of a community as one body and the individual as many, making a comparison to the non-exclusive possibilities of gender identity and thinking.

It’s Always You is jointly commissioned by Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong and Shedhalle, Zurich and will premiere at Shedhalle as part of the exhibition “Protozone 4 – Extra Worldings”.


Venue: Shedhalle, Seestrasse 395, 8038, Zurich, Switzerland

Curator: Philipp Bergmann & Thea Reifler

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