Jen Liu’s solo exhibition “Jen Liu: GHOST__WORLD” at / (Slash)

Jen Liu’s solo exhibition “Jen Liu: GHOST__WORLD” at / (Slash)

Jen Liu is currently presenting her solo exhibition “Jen Liu: GHOST__WORLD”, at / (Slash). The exhibition, curated by Tanya Zimbardo, features new videos, augmented reality, paintings, and glass sculptures, alongside select pieces from Liu’s multifaceted “Pink Slime Caesar Shift” (2016–present).

The exhibition originates from Jen Liu’s long-term engagement with labor activism and women electronics workers in South China. This project takes up last year’s social media phenomenon of “frog mothers,” unlicensed street vendors in China wearing inflatable frog costumes and selling frog-shaped balloons.

The exhibition coincides with “GHOST__WORLD: a performance for 4 dancers”, premiering at The Lab on April 27 and 28. Following each performance, Jen Liu will join curator Tanya Zimbardo and guest speakers in conversation, together with Cathy Park Hong, writer and professor at UC Berkeley, on 27 April and Vanessa Chang, director of programs, Leonardo / ISAST, on 28 April.

Venue: / slash art, 1150 25th St Building B, San Francisco, CA 94107, US

Image courtesy of artist and / (Slash).