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Hao Jingban wins 2021 SeMA-HANA Media Art Award

20 Oct 2021

Congratulations to Hao Jingban and Eisa Jocson for being the corecipients of the 2021 SeMA-Hana Media Art Award. This year’s award highlights the practice of addressing racism, gender, class, identity, status of female labor in artistic language and employing the style of popular media as a vessel for significant and relevant messages. The corecipients’ works are on view at the 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale’s exhibition One Escape at a Time at Seoul Museum of Art.

The 11th Seoul Mediacity Biennale – One Escape at a Time
8 September – 21 November 2021
Seoul Museum of Art (61 Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea)

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