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Hao Jingban curates and exhibits at “TO BIND, EMBED, SHIMMER, AND BRACE”, opening at daadgalerie, Berlin

21 Oct - 18 Dec 2022

楔 Xiē (Wedge) is a collective comprising the artists Hao Jingban, Shen Xin, Yunyu “Ayo” Shih, and writer Qu Chang. The group was formed in 2020, during Hao Jingban’s period of residence in Berlin (at the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program), and grew out of fragmented online conversations about current social issues and global political events. This ongoing exchange has resulted in joint readings, images, drawings, and videos. At the daadgalerie, 楔 Xiē’s creative engagement with topical issues from the present is transformed into an expansive installation, which also includes video works and selected drawings.

Venue: daadgalerie, Oranienstraße 161, 10969 Berlin, Germany

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