Hao Jingban’s solo exhibition “Opus One” at Matadero Madrid

Hao Jingban’s solo exhibition “Opus One” at Matadero Madrid

Venue: Matadero Madrid

As 2019 recipient of the Han Nefkens Foundation – ARCOmadrid Video Art Prodution Award, artist Hao Jingban presents Opus One at Matadero Madrid, along with other works.

Opus One (2020), the newly commissioned dual channel video installation, follows Suzy and KC, a young Chinese couple in contemporary Beijing on a quest to retrace and recreate the authentic jazz dances performed in 1930s Harlem, New York. Their journey exposes the insurmountable distance between peoples, cultures and histories, and the obsessive effort made to traverse it.

Also on view is another recent work, From South Lake Park to Hongqi Street (2018), a dual channel video installation that presents another quest for historical truth from a contemporary point of view, regarding the Manchukuo Film Association founded in Northeastern China in 1930s during Japanese occupation.

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