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Blindspot Gallery artists participate in a group exhibition at Shanghai Center of Photography, China

6 Sep - 30 Nov 2015

Producer: Liu Heung Shing
Curator: Karen Smith

The group exhibition “Grain to Pixel: A Story of Photogrpahy in China” will showcase the work of 63 Chinese contemporary photography artists, including a diverse range of photographs in digital prints, colour, gelatin silver prints, and black and white. The term pixel is familiar to all. Less familiar is the word “grain”, used in a pre-digital age to describe the texture of a photograph; variations of grain contribute to a timeless aesthetic beauty that is hard to emulate digitally, even with a zillion pixels. The transition from “grain” to “pixel” coincides with a period in which in photography in China emerged as a fully rounded form of expression. “Grain” to “pixel” describes an arc of time stretching back almost one hundred years; a period in which photography entered China as a phenomenon and was transformed.

Venue: Shanghai Center of Photography (SCoP), Shanghai, China

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