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Martin Parr participates in group exhibition “New Brighton Revisited” at The Sailing School in UK

14 Jul - 25 Aug 2018

Martin Parr participates in group exhibition “New Brighton Revisited” with Tom Wood and Ken Grant.

Curator: Tracy Marshall

Organised by: Northern Narratives, in partnership with Open Eye Gallery.

Venue: The Sailing School, Marine Point, New Brighton, UK

The exhibition features works from Parr’s iconic series The Last Resort taken in New Brighton. This series reveals an intimate portrayal of this seaside resort between the years 1983 and 1985, a period of economic decline in northwest England. Parr captured a landscape of cheap thrills and attractions designs to appeal to an economically depressed working class: overcrowded beaches, gambling arcades, littered streets and ice-cream shops. His series signify a major shift in the understanding of documentary photography in UK, which traditionally sought to glorify the working class; yet here Parr reveals in colour-saturated clarity, a country’s struggles in the early 1980s.

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