South HO Siu Nam

b. 1984, Hong Kong

South Ho Siu Nam graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2006. Ho has participated in several group exhibitions including "Works in Progress" of the CHINA 8 project (Museum Folkwang, Germany and Palma de Mallorca, Spain 2015) and "Kiyosata Museum of Photographic Arts' 20th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition: Basically . Forever" (Kiyaosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan, 2014). Ho was awarded the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2009. He was selected as finalist of The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2011 and as nominee for the Société Générale Chinese Art Awards 2010. His work is collected by the Burger Collection, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Legislative Council of Hong Kong and Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts in Japan.

Ho currently lives and works in Hong Kong. In 2013, he co-founded 100 ft. PARK, a non-commercial art space dedicated to providing an open platform for exhibiting and sharing art.

Ho's new works Not Every Daily (2015) and The Umbrella Salad (2014) encapsulate the disruptive in a seemingly subdued cityscape, coalescing the socio-political messages from his previous series like Open Door (2014) and Defense and Resistance (2013), and the transience of living and existence conveyed in his other works such as Every Daily(2013), Impermenance (2011) and Into Light (2011) and into one emotive showcase.

About Not Every Daily
Since 2013, Ho has been incorporating the element of painting into his photography. In Not Every Daily, Ho replaced the colourful blocks with stripes of different shades of grey. To the artist, these stripes of uniform width resemble signs of authority, restriction and control.
Exhibition details of "good day good night" (19.9 - 14.11.2015)

About The Umbrella Salad
The Umbrella Salad is a series of black and white photographs and videos capturing scenes of the Occupy Movement. Unlike the prevalent documentary approach taken by most photographers to record the events, Ho took an indirect approach filled with symbols and metaphors to representing his personal experiences and the surrounding presences. Scenes of clashes between the police and the protesters are replaced by objects discarded on the road like barricades, umbrellas, used water bottles and tents. People appear small and insignificant against the backdrop of the city, which looks quiet and peaceful amidst undercurrents of intensity and chaos.
Exhibition details of "good day good night" (19.9 - 14.11.2015)
About the photography book - good day good night 

About Open Door

Open Door (2014) is a series of black and white photographs of scenes of the Occupy Movement surrounding the Hong Kong Government Headquarters, which is famous for its architectural design of joining the two wings of the buildings at the upper level, creating the visual metaphor of an opening door at the space below. In the image, the “open door” becomes a blackout. The effect is achieved by the artist cutting out directly on the negative film.
Exhibition details of "780s" (15.11.2014 - 10.1.2015)

About Defense and Resistance

Defense and Resistance (2013) combines photography and installation to illuminate the post-handover conflicts in Hong Kong
Exhibition details of "780s" (15.11.2014 - 10.1.2015)

About Every Daily
Every Daily (2013) is Ho's first to incorporate the element of painting, based on a collection of black and white photographs of Tin Shui Wai, one of the largest new towns in Hong Kong where he lives. While the artist picks the colour of each block by throwing a dice, Ho fills the sky between the densely packed residential buildings with uniformly sized blocks on the photographs using the paintbrushes left by his late father. Through the mechanical and monotonous process of painting blocks, Ho attempts to reach a meditative state of self-healing for the loss of his father. 
Exhibition details of "Every Daily" (4 - 28.9.2013)
About the exhibition catalogue

About Impermanence
captures the ever-transforming colors of the sky and its impermanent state, resembling that the only real constant is the change itself. 
Exhibition details of "Transient Life" (15.12.2010 – 19.1.2011)

Into Light
Into Light
is a set of black and white photographs of pedestrian tunnels, taken at different locations in Hong Kong during the nights. The series expresses Ho’s view and feelings about a state of his life.
Exhibition details of "Into Light" (8 – 25.6.2011)

Artist Statement - Defense and Resistance
Artist Statement - Every Daily
Artist Statement - Impermanence
Artist Statement - Into Light
Essay: "The Experience in Abstraction - The Photography of South Ho" by Tam Wai Ping
Artist Biography

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