Jiang Zhi

b. 1971, Yuanjiang, Hunan, China

One of China’s most diverse artists of his generation, Jiang Zhi’s artistic practice ranges from photography, painting, video, installation to sculpture.

About Sucker
In the Sucker series, the straw becomes a link between people and a metaphor for the complex human relationships in real life. This series was presented at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003.

About Mumu
The MuMu series is an extended narrative that examines the relation between observation and existence. Jiang Zhi traveled with a wooden doll that he discovered in a second hand market and named “MuMu”. From the south of the lower reaches of Yangtze River, to the sea and across the desert, Jiang took photos of the doll and spun her stories. The peace and harmony in these stories mask the changing times, as MuMu embodies an imaginary escape from the chaotic reality into a utopia.

Exhibition details of "New Framework: Chinese Avant-garde Photography
1980s-90s" (12.5 - 26.7.2013)

Media coverage (South China Morning Post - 48 Hours, 16.5.2013)