Going and Coming

27 Mar - 12 May 2018

Curated by Leo Li Chen

Jiang Zhi’s most recent solo exhibition, “Going and Coming”, is the artist’s reflection on his personal situation and the cyclicality of life. The two newly made series, the paintings series Going-and-coming and the photography series Faded Looks, aim to recombine and restructure the flowers used in Love Letters, Jiang’s iconic series from 2011-2016. In the Going-and-coming series, the artist utilises the dried flowers left from Love Letters and captures the different moments when they move about on a spinning table, suspended in a temporal series of movement and fragments, ever returning and reincarnating. In the Faded Look series, the artists replaces the real, beautiful and transient subjects in Love Letters with acrylic, silk and glass flowers that are artificial, seemingly permanent, and ever-green, though showing traces of dust and time. By reconstructing the décor of a common Chinese household in the 1980s, the artist allegorises the foregone epochal aestheticism and romantic imagination of a good life. This vision stands as a stark contrast to our present age, where one enjoys an ever-accelerating pace of change and volatility, yet foregoing a safe space to deposit one’s feelings and desires. This also reveals the artist’s meditation on classical Chinese philosophy, that things are “neither new nor old, neither leaving nor coming”.

Opening Reception: 24 March 2018, Saturday, 4 – 6:30pm
Artist will be present.