Isaac Chong Wai

b. 1990, Guangdong, China

Isaac Chong Wai is a MFA candidate in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, Germany. He received his BA in Visual Arts from the Academy of Visual Art of Hong Kong Baptist University. He works with diverse media, including performance, site-specific installation, public art, video, photography and multimedia. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

About Equilibrium series
Equilibrium is a series of performances with video, photography and paper documentations. The works engage in interaction of human scales and bodies, and highlight the subjectivity of norms and standards where the body is rendered as marker of physical territories.

About Equilibrium No.5 - Distance and Red Marks
It is the sheer weight of bodies which is used to create marks on each other through the contact between forehead and forehead. The Other appears both as one’s limitation and as support in the search for physical balance in a fragile dialogue.

About Equilibrium No.6 - Distance
In this performance, two people “kiss” one another with their eyelashes, taking an unusual encounter and form of contact further. The artist explores the impossibility of harmony, and the distance that is kept between oneself and others, a distance that is not just physical but also psychological.

About Equilibrium No.8 - Boundaries
For these past performances held in Berlin (2014) and Hong Kong (2012), participants were asked to mark on paper the shape of their own bodies, drawing circles around them with charcoal. The artist decided the position of each performer, so that the human body shape appeared slightly deconstructed in the overlapping drawings. The meeting points and lines represent boundaries but also common spaces within which people can interact. With a simple design, these drawings sum up our physical relationships with the others: transformation, adaptation, limitation or incorporation? This body language is open to interpretation.

About The horizon where we can never touch
Seven participants were invited to perform in Bremen at the Immigration Office Gallery. They were asked to adjust their height in order to get “a line” above their heads. Every participant took turns to pose as the model according to whom the other participants adjusted their height. This work highlights the subjectivity of norms and standards and how easily it is subject to change: who is leading the game? Who shall we all copy to meet so-called standards?

Exhibition details of "The Human Body: Measure and Norms" (5.12.2015 - 6.2.2016)

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