Yeung Tong Lung

b.1956, Fujian province, China

Yeung Tong Lung relocated to Hong Kong in his late teens. As a self-taught artist, Yeung has a keen eye for observation, and encapsulates with great sensitivity the seemingly banal details of quotidian life in Hong Kong. Yeung creates large-scale figurative paintings within interior and exterior urban spaces. By integrating multiple vantage points within a single scene, he constructs an illusional three-dimensional space, guiding audiences in and out of his painting scenarios. In his work, reflection is a recurring motif in which he incorporates mirrored surfaces such as TV and mobile screens as well as windows, reflecting fragments of his subjects while leaving hints to hidden meanings. Yeung often portrays the overlooked and marginalized communities of Hong Kong such as immigrants, domestic workers, and refugees, revealing his humanistic perspective on art and society.

In 1990, Yeung co-founded Quart Society, one of the first independent artist-run spaces in Hong Kong featuring experimental and avant-garde art exhibitions. Solo Exhibitions of Yeung include “Solo · Exhibition · Twice II: Of Seeing” at Blindspot Gallery (Hong Kong, 2023), “Daily Practice” at Blindspot Gallery (Hong Kong, 2021), “Cuts in Synchronicity: Paintings by Yeung Tong Lung” at ACO Art Space (Hong Kong, 2019), and “Just Painting” at Comix Homebase (Hong Kong, 2017). Yeung has also shown in group exhibitions including “Wan Chai Grammatica: Past, Present, Future Tense Show” at Hong Kong Arts Centre (Hong Kong, 2018), “Corner of Dialogue—You Paint, I Paint. Artistic Dialogue and Exhibition” at 1a space (Hong Kong, 2003), and “The Box Show” at Hong Kong Fringe Club (Hong Kong, 1994). Yeung’s works have been collected by M+ and the Hong Kong Museum of Art.

Publications on Yeung include Just Painting: Yeung Tong Lung (published by Art and Culture Outreach Limited, 2021) and Mute Pianos: Forty Years of Paintings by Yeung Tong Lung (co-published by University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong and mccm creations, 2020). Yeung Tong Lung currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

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M+ Museum, Jan 2019, Yeung Tong Lung Interview: A Space Beyond Words"
Exhibition Walkthrough: Yeung Tong Lung: Daily Practice at Blindspot Gallery