Un Cheng

b. 1995, Hong Kong

Un Cheng’s (b. 1995, Hong Kong) paintings invite audiences into an intimate encounter of her psychological landscapes and personal lens on the urban life she experiences. Cheng’s works mirror her careful observations of quotidian living in Hong Kong, the fleeting conversations she makes with strangers, and the internal dialogues she has with her surroundings. Her paintings function as a visual diary of her angle on the city and its people, carrying an ephemeral photographic quality. The artist morphs her sentiments into her compositions, unveiling her heartfelt desire for intimacy and connection in an isolating metropolis.

Cheng participated in the Gil residency programme in Iceland in 2018, and was the artist-in-residence at Blindspot Gallery in 2020. Cheng’s solo exhibitions include “Unbridled Wanders” (Blindspot Gallery’s booth presentation at Taipei Dangdai, 2023), “What’s there when you ain’t home?” (Blindspot Gallery, 2022) and “In the name of moon, I’ll punish you” (Blindspot Gallery, 2020). Previously, her works were shown in group exhibitions including “Happily Ever After” and “Happily Ever After II” (Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong, 2017 & 2018), “Form in Emptiness” (a.m. space, Hong Kong, 2018), and “PLUNGING MY HAND INTO THE LAKE OF BILLOWING TREES” (Gallery Exit, Hong Kong, 2017).

Cheng currently lives and works in Hong Kong.