Cédric Maridet

b. 1973, France

Cédric Maridet studied literature and sociolinguistics in Paris VII University, and holds a PhD in Media Arts (City University of Hong Kong). His practice includes intensive field work and research to create video, installations, photography, sound compositions and works on paper, constructing narratives based on history, fiction or science.

Maridet has participated in residencies, solo and group exhibitions internationally, including Tate Modern in UK, Para Site and Asia Art Archive in Hong Kong. In 2014, he was awarded the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards – Artist of the Year (Media Arts) and Gold Award in Media Arts Category at the 19th ifva. In 2005, he was awarded Prize of Excellence in the Hong Kong Art Biennial. In 2013, he was commended by Secretary of Home Affairs for making outstanding contributions to the development of arts and culture.

Maridet currently lives and works in Hong Kong.