Antonio Mak


In the early 1970s, Antonio Mak studied painting at Goldsmiths Department of Art, University of London. His works have been exhibited widely in the UK and Hong Kong.

Mak was renowned for his small-scale figurative cast-bronze sculptures, which he meticulously created with the lost-wax method – human torsos, horses and tigers were first crafted in wax, allowing the artist a rare dexterity, and then cast in bronze. His works both integrated Western and Chinese styles in a very unique way.

His drawings of human figures were probably made as sketches for future sculptures. However, the outlines are open and the drawing does not aim at delineating the human body’s shape. On the contrary, it is about unfolding it and finding its unlimited resources. The human figure is deformed and reassembled into biomorphic forms, imposing disorder on the observer's gaze. Objects, or other bodies can all melt together in a metaphorical gesture. For the artist, the human body is more than a carnal layer. It is a moving form that cannot be measured, as it keeps changing by incorporating its own environment.

Exhibition details of "The Human Body: Measure and Norms" (5.12.2015 - 6.2.2016)

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