Sarah Lai: Pure Heart Shopping Street

26 Mar - 14 May 2022

Blindspot Gallery is pleased to present Pure Heart Shopping Street, Sarah Lai’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. Presenting a brand new installation which unfolds into a collection of light boxes, videos, oil paintings and other sourced objects, these works position themselves within a fabricated scene of a shopping street in late 80s and early 90s Japan. Interested in the emotional responses conjured from visual language, Lai sources her visual references from vintage archives of mass media on the internet, carrying the power of sentiment, imagination, and pure nostalgia for a simpler bygone era. Against our addictive relationship to images in a chaotic digital age of overabundance, Lai creates rarified moments and generous spaces to encounter images in a new light via the possibilities of figurative painting installations. The gesture of art could ever so lightly shift and transform our relationality to image and its making, and thus our relationality to the World.