New Beginnings

25 Jan - 5 Mar 2022

New Beginnings is a group exhibition of four artists based in different cities working in the expanded field of painting and abstraction, including works by Paul Barlow, Harminder Judge, Osamu Kobayashi, and Andrew Luk. Painting in the manner of sculptor, builder, archeologist, and designer, these artists inhabit the precarious balance between stability and entropy, ideation and abstraction, optimism and nihilism. In their works, two key themes emerge: the uncertainty of being, and the primacy of action despite. The works exhibit subtle and intentional marks left behind by the artist’s hands and body, manifested through dynamic gestures of control and release. The material ground (canvas, plaster, metal) becomes personal sites for taking action – the act of making becomes metaphors for the exigency of genesis, the power of change, the possibility of being touched and transformed, and the promises of new beginnings.