Paul Barlow

b. 1988, Sheffield, UK

Paul Barlow is a painter who graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in 2021 and was recently selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the South London Gallery. Barlow’s unique method of using water as a solvent to strip away residues of colour using repetitive motions, abstracts universal patterns observed in the physical world.

Barlow’s past exhibitions include “Bloomberg New Contemporaries” at South London Gallery (2021, London, UK); “Show Off (Open Rehearsal)” at Cook Latham Gallery (2020, London, UK); “Standstill” at Kubik Gallery (2019, Porto, Portugal); “Everything Flows” at Millennium Gallery (2017, Sheffield, UK); as well as his solo exhibition “Surface Dressing” at Slugtown (2017, Newcastle, UK).

Barlow currently lives and works in London, UK.