Yooyun Yang

b. 1985, Seoul, Korea

Yooyun Yang transforms overlooked crevices of urban contemporary life into fragmented excerpts, often depicting cropped close-ups of people and places with disorienting perspectives. Yang who was trained in traditional Korean ink wash painting creates works by painting layers of diluted acrylic on Jangji paper. With her distinct sensitivity, fleetingly mundane scenes become otherworldly and surreal. Her works which stem from photographs have a hazy and porous texture; juxtaposed with her use of chiaroscuro, the paintings are imbued with a cinematic ambience.

Yang’s solo exhibitions were showcased in Primary Practice (Seoul, 2023), Night Gallery (Los
Angeles, 2023), Stephen Friedman Gallery (London, 2023), CHAPTER II (Seoul, 2022), Amado Art
Space/Lab (Seoul, 2019) and OCI Museum of Art (Seoul, 2014). Her works have also been
exhibited at Taipei Biennial 2023 (Taipei, 2023), Ulsan Art Museum (Ulsan, 2023), “58th Carnegie
International” in Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh, 2022), “8th Chongkundang Yesuljisang” in
Sejong Museum of Art 1 (Seoul, 2021), Seongnam Cube Art Museum (Seongnam, 2019), and
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (Cheongju, 2019), among others.

Yang currently lives and works in Seoul.