Pak Sheung Chuen

b. 1977, Fujian, China

Pak Sheung Chuen obtained his BA in Fine Arts and Theology from Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2002. Pak represented Hong Kong in the 53rd Venice Biennale with his solo exhibition “Making (Perfect) World: Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams” (2009), while his solo exhibition “Page 22 is permanently installed in New York’s 58th Street Branch Library. Group exhibitions in which Pak has participated include Liverpool Biennial (UK, 2012), Taipei Biennial (Taipei, 2012 and 2010); 3rd Yokohama Triennial (Japan, 2008); 3rd Guangzhou Triennial (China, 2008); 6th Busan Biennale (Korea, 2006). In 2012, Pak was awarded the Best Artist Award at the Chinese Contemporary Art Awards (CCAA). In 2006, Pak was awarded the Lee Hysan Foundation Fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council. His artworks were collected by Astrup Fearnley Museet (Norway), Burger Collection, M+ Museum (Hong Kong), National Museum of Contemporary Art (Greece), Sigg Collection (Switzerland), Tate Modern Museum (UK), Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan), among others.

Pak currently lives and works in Hong Kong.