LAI Lon Hin

b, 1982, Hong Kong

Lai Lon Hin has participated in several group photography exhibitions, including “Inside China [Journées Thématiques]” (Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 2015); “Hong Kong Photography Series 2: City Flâneur - Social Documentary Photography” (Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2010) and Pingyao International Photography Festival (China, 2008). Lai is best known for his snapshots of the city taken by his vintage Polaroid camera and ordinary cell phone. His work is collected by Hong Kong Heritage Museum. He now lives and works in Hong Kong.

About Lai's instant film photography
Lai's instant film works were produced from the 2000s onwards, presents intriguing glimpses of everyday objects and people in snapshots taken around the city.
Exhibition details of "A Permanent Instant: instant photography from 1980s-2000s by Hong Kong artists" (5.3 - 23.4.2016)

About Lean Against the Wall
With an ordinary cell phone that he uses in his daily life, Lai's Lean Against the Wall shot a series of extremely low-res photos that lack the sense of dimensions, but which spell emotively painting-like touches. The works challenge the aesthetics that underlines traditional definition of photography, and mock the photographers’ pr eoccupation with professional cameras.
Exhibition details of "780s" (15.11.2014 - 10.1.2015)

About Me on the Rooftop Scenery
In Me on the Rooftop Scenery, Lai Lon Hin conducts a black-and-white visual study of perfectly ordinary spaces, stripping places of their superfluity to reveal the underlying logic of planes and lines.
Exhibition details of "→" (3.12 - 24.12.2016) 

About The Irrational Night

Lai's The Irrational Night is a collection of mysterious night scenes of bright and vibrant colors. Lai has unique sense in manipulating light, shadow and colors to create dramatic stages of scenes. In this series, Lai explores the intricate relationship between nature, artificial scenery and the city, as well as the oddness appeared when they interweave.
Exhibition details of "A Departure from Reality II" (10.7 – 28.8.2010)

Artist Statement - The Irrational Night
Artist Biography

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