22 May - 30 Jun 2018

Opening Reception
19.3.2018, Saturday, 4 – 6:30pm
Artist will be present.

Lai Lon Hin is an invisible photographer. Using his mobile phone as the only photographic tool, he captures the everyday surroundings and happenings from the closest possible distance from his subjects. Lai is always prying and photographing, thrusting his personal vision and perspective upon the viewer in a nearly hysterical manner.  Through the process of zooming in, Lai subjectively, even violently pits the subject or parts of the subject against the entire image. The viewer is forced to look at the visuals that has been liberated from one’s blind spot. These images expose the indeterminacy between the “real” and the “unreal” presented in visual media, where the representational and the abstract intersect; they even attest to how our perceptual experience is manipulated by the process of viewing. These pastel-coloured, painting-like images may be beautiful, yet they mask a sense of discomfort that stirs or even stings the viewer.