Dark Fluid: a science fiction experiment


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Initiated by Angela Su in 2015, Dark Fluid: A Science Fiction Experiment by Angela Su is an exercise to imagine the future of Hong Kong through the lens of science fiction. The project invites arts and cultural practitioners and individuals active in social movements to participate in writing workshops exploring sci-fi as a tool for empowerment and social justice, a survival kit in a dystopian future, a manual for organising different alternative community models…… amongst many other things. After the workshop each participant created a short story, in textual or visual form, compiled into the current publication, alongside an essay by a sci-fi scholar and a transcript of the writing workshop.

Since the 1990s, there has been a burgeoning discussion of futurism. Afrofuturism, Gulf Futurism, and lately, Sino Futurism has become a widely discussed topic in the fields of art and culture. So why is there an urgent need to discuss the future? Is Hong Kong, the backdrop of numerous Hollywood sci-fi films, in need of constructing its own futurism? Are we capable of envisioning our own future?

Dark Fluid is an experiment, and hopefully a beginning with many more discussions to come about Hong Kong’s Futurism.

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    Angela Su, Things that can happen, Jan 2017
    Soft back, 276 pages
    17 x 20 x 2 cm
    Traditional Chinese, with partial English translation