Annysa Ng: Celestial Revolution

12 Apr - 4 May 2013

Venue: Blindspot Gallery (Central)

Annysa Ng’s work often demonstrates a unique interaction with history, literature and psychology through remarkable technical expertise and iconic visual aesthetics. The featureless faces and the East -West costume on the silhouette figures in her painting have always been the trademarks of her art. In her new series of work Celestial Revolution, Ng attempts to extend the use of these figures to explore the mysteries of the natural world. The series is inspired by an ancient Chinese constellation diagram that she came across by chance. Ng was enchanted by the graphical property and underlying meanings of the diagram which suggest human’s intense desire and motivation to explore and to understand our destiny and the divinely unknown. The works reflect Ng’s profound understanding of the forces that underlie her approach, including cultural identity, artistic traditions and philosophical underpinnings.

Ng was selected by the Sunday Times in 2008 as one of the top ten contemporary artists to watch. This is her second solo exhibition at Blindspot Gallery since her first in 2011.