Agil Abdullayev

b.1992, Baku, Azerbaijan

Agil Abdullayev is a cross-disciplinary artist from Azerbaijan. His work frequently references theoretical models concerning imposed gender roles and class inequalities in the context of Azerbaijani identity and its relationship to history, culture, queer thinking and radical South Caucasion traditions. In 2020, Abdullayev founded “ÇAĞDAŞÇILAR”, an online platform for critical discussion panels in response to the arts and culture scene in Azerbaijan.

Abdullayev has exhibited extensively in Azerbaijan and internationally, including solo exhibition “Shy boy of the pink future” at Artim Project Space, Baku (2018); duo exhibition “Rewriting childhood” at Gazelli Art House, Baku (2022); and group exhibitions “Haft Paykar” at Goethe Institut, Baku (2021); “Across the mountains: South Caucasus Photography” at MoMA, Tbilisi, Georgia (2019); “For the time being” at The Photographers Gallery, London (2019) and “New Contemporaries” at South London Gallery, London (2018) amongst others.

Abdullayev is currently based in Baku, Azerbaijan.