b. 1972 in Shanghai, China

Maleonn received his art training at Shanghai University and Shanghai Huashan Art School. Before Ma became an artist, he was an Art Director and Director in advertising and commercial film. Ma’s works have been exhibited extensively worldwide. He now lives and works in Shanghai.

About What Love Is
Maleonn unveiled different layers of a Love Pandora under various contexts: secret, distance, wound, starry night and firework. The make-shift elements seem to signify that “Love” is like a dream/play. The artist also adopts masks and models of his head as his personas in this series of staged photography.

About Book of Taboo
In Book of Taboo, the clowns, animals and props seem to promise entertainment at the first glance. Yet they are deliberately arranged to create an ominous effect: the agents of fun can easily turn into instruments of violence, and at the same time the staged drama hints the artist's inner conflicts.

About Second Hand Tang Poem
The Tang poems appeared in the images are hand written by the artist himself purely by memory and without referring to the original, they are full of mistakes. Through the inheritance from generation to generation, traditional Chinese culture has lost its original essence. What is left today is sometimes creative re-interpretation, and other times destructive decomposition.

Exhibition details of "A Departure from Reality III" (3.9 – 31.10.2010)

Artist Statement - What Love Is
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Media Coverage (Hong Kong Gallery Guide, 10.2010)