b. 1977, Hong Kong

Kurt Tong was originally trained as a health visitor at the University of Liverpool. In 1999, Tong co-founded Prema Vasam, a charitable home for disabled and disadvantaged children in Chennai, South India. He gained his Masters in documentary photography at the London College of Communications in 2006 and began working on much more personal projects. He currently lives and works in London and Hong Kong.

Kurt Tong’s series, Memories, Dreams; Interrupted and In Case it Rains in Heaven are contrasting in style, yet both related to the passing of time.

About Memories, Dreams; Interrupted
Tong captured images of natural scenery at a park where his memories with his daughters were created. The fogged vision on the images reflects the fading state of memories.

About In Case it Rains in Heaven
This is a series of joss paper offerings were photographed in studio setting prior burning for his deceased grandmother as a filial memorial. Joss paper items are getting more elaborate in the past decades, many ‘new items’ such as neck massager and karaoke machine are available. The selection of objects to be made into joss paper offerings reflects people’s changing values and consumer culture, as well as a desire for a continuation of the existing life.
Exhibition details of "Transient Life" (15.12.2010 – 19.1.2011)

Artist Statement of In Case it Rains in Heaven
Artist Biography