Born in Hong Kong

An active photographer and mixed media artist, curator, researcher and art educator, Wong Wo Bik worked extensively with instant photographic materials in 1980s. She was awarded Hong Kong Women Excellence in the Six Arts (Visual Arts) by Hong Kong Federation of Women in 2013. She was the fellowship recipient of Asian Cultural Council in 1993 and Institute of International Education in 1995. Wong has been a Museum Honorary Advisor to the Leisure and Cultural Services Department since 1996. Her work is collected by The Archive of Modern Conflict (UK); Guangdong Museum of Art (Guangzhou, China) and Hong Kong Heritage Museum. She currently lives and work in Hong Kong.

About Wong's instant film photography of 1981-83
Beyond the feminine touches to the everyday objects and body parts Wong photographed, her instant film photography works are partial portrayals that anticipate and resist the sexist view on femininity, and which resonate with an east-meets-west aesthetics.
Exhibition details of "A Permanent Instant: instant photography from 1980s-2000s by Hong Kong artists" (5.3 – 23.4.2016)

About Wong's photography
Since the 1980s, Wong took all possibilities to photograph historical architecture threatened by demolition in Hong Kong. She took photographs of landmarks or buildings that carried historical significance or were once frequented by locals.Wong’s photographs of these architectures are not merely documentary of history, they are also the artist’s subjective narrative of her personal experiences at these sites, as well as depiction of traces left behind by others.
Exhibition details of "Memory and Fiction" (11.1 – 4.2.2012)

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