Vivian Ho

b. 1990, Hong Kong

Vivian Ho graduated from Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2012, majoring in studio art painting and economics. In 2012, she had her first solo exhibition “Of Delicacy and Horror” in Wesleyan University, Connecticut, USA; and “Animal Farm – Based on a True Story” in 100ft. PARK, Hong Kong. Group exhibitions she has participated in include “Simulacra Affinity” in Busan Cinema Centre (Korea, 2014) and others. As a recognised illustrator, she has also worked with numerous brands and medias, including the Hong Kong International Film Festival (2014), Hong Kong Repertory Theatre (2015) and a public art installation commission by Hong Kong MTR corporation (2016). Ho currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

About the work
Through large scale oil paintings, Vivian Ho composes grand canvases with emotionally evoking colours to magnify everyday moments, injecting them with vivid surreal impressions. She uses magical realism to reimagine local subjects on the streets, creating a coalescing of exterior splendor and interior depth.
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