Mayumi Hosokura

b. 1979, Kyoto, Japan

Mayumi Hosokura graduated from Ritsumeikan University with a degree in Literature in 2002 and Nihon University of Art with a degree in Photography in 2005. Her works have been published in several publications including Transparency is the new mystery (MACK Books, 2016), CRYSTAL, LOVE, STARLIGHT (Tycoon Books, 2014), KAZAN (artbeat publishers, 2012) and UNKNOWN SIGNALS (oodee, 2012). In 2011, Hosokura is selected to be included in Foam Magazine’s Talent issue with her KAZAN series. Her work is collected by Foam Fotografiemuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

About KAZAN (2009-11)
The main topics in Mayumi Hosokura’s work are often youth and nature, as she considers the primary forces in life as sexuality and loss. In KAZAN, delicate nudes of youth are juxtaposed amongst images of raw and organic textures such as crystals and minerals. The contrasting textures in the images are metaphors of the ephemerality of youth and the eternity of nature. Hosokura’s work is first glance everyday snapshot, but in close inspection, carefully constructed compositions imbued with stillness and a dreamlike quality, which engage the viewers at a subconscious level and open up endless imagination.

Exhibition details of "Shikijo: eroticism in Japanese photography" (7.5 - 25.6.2016)

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