LI Jun

b. 1977, Chongqing, China

Li Jun studied at the Photography and Digital Media Studio of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He recently won the 2013 Three Shadows Photography Award. Li currently lives and works in Chengdu, China.

About Impermanent Instant
The paradoxically named series exemplifies Li's photographic language that evokes the intangible by illuminating its absence. Impermanent Instant was shot over the course of three years (2008-2011) after the artist had let the objects in his Chengdu apartment sit and become layered with dust for one year. In tracing the contours left in dust by everyday objects like slippers, vase, remote control and hangers, the photos draw the viewers' focus to the impermanence of existence. Against the invisible yet reeling film of time, human life and its temporal concerns fade into the void. The entire creative process is a combination of performance art, installation and photography that encapsulates and distills the subject.
Exhibition details of "Impermanent Instant" (15.1 – 14.2.2014)

Artist Biography

Media coverage (South China Morning Post - 48 Hours, 23.1.2014)