Eiki Mori

b. 1976, Kanazawa, Japan

Eiki Mori graduated from The Photography Department at the Parsons School of Design in the USA. In 2011, he co-founded OSSU, the first photo magazine to explore male sexuality in Japan with his friends. His work is published in numerous photo books including intimacy (Nanarokusha Publishing, 2013); tokyo boy alone (Revolution Start Publishing and Creation, 2011); Crows and Pearls (Edition Nord, 2009). Mori currently lives in Tokyo, Japan.

About intimacy (2013)
In intimacy, Eiki Mori produces a very personal work, capturing precious moments of joy, sadness and loneliness in his daily life with his boyfriend. In 2014, Mori received the prestigious Kimura Ihei Award for photography with this series.

Exhibition details of "Shikijo: eroticism in Japanese photography" (7.5 - 25.6.2016)

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