Cai Dongdong

b. 1978, Tianshu, Gansu province, China.

Cai Dongdong joined the People’s Liberation Army at a young age as a portrait photographer for enlisted soldiers. Graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2002, Cai received awards including the 3rd Premio Terna Contemporary Art Award in 2010 and Pingyao International Photography Festival Outstanding Photographer Creation Fund Award in 2005. His works was extensively exhibited in China and overseas including “Scripts of the Bodies” (Three Shadows Photography Art Center, China, 2016); “CHINA 8 - Works in Progress” (Museum Folkwang, Germany, 2015); “(+150) Visione: Origine a Potere: Energia Attraverso Le Generazioni” (Multimedia Art Museum, Russia, 2012) and “Image, History, Existence, Taikang Life 15th Anniversary Art Collection Exhibition” (National Art Museum of China, China, 2011).

Cai’s works is collected by China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Guangdong Museum of Art and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in China; Multimedia Art Museum in Russia; and UNIDEE Art Foundation in Italy. He currently lives and works in Beijing, China.

About Shooting Practice
The work Shooting Practice is comprised by a black and white photograph and a mirror; the image is reversed left-to-right in the reflection in the mirror, which creates the optimal illusion of the viewer shooting themselves with a gun. The artist uses the act of shooting as a metaphor for the photographic act and its inherent violence, while the reflection in the mirror reveals another dimension where photography is separated from reality.

About Curled Road
In Curled Road, the artist tore and rolled up part of the photograph to create a multi-dimensional road. It runs up to the front of the police car, as if opening a new road for the car that is separate from the image. The visual movement and associations of the viewer are brought into interaction by the artist’s playful composition.
Exhibition details of "PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 2016" (9 - 11.9.2016) 

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