Three Begets Ten Thousand Things

RongRong & inri

Price: HKD60 (Plus shipping and handling costs)
Published by Blindspot Gallery, September 2011
Softback, 57 pages
Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 0.6 cm
Language: English and Traditional Chinese

This exhibition catalogue of “Three Begets Ten Thousand Things” consists of a selection of RongRong’s most significant series dating from the early 1990s including East Village, Ruins and Wedding Gown, as well as the collaborative work of RongRong & inri, including Liulitun, which documents their life in their first home in Liulitun and a funeral they held when their home met the fate of demolition. The couple also documented their travels across China and the world by capturing their naked bodies merged with natural scenery. Other important series including Caochangdi and Three Shadows are also featured.

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