A: He was lost yesterday and we found him today, B: Museum of the Lost

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong

Price: HKD300 (Plus shipping and handling costs)
Published by Blindspot Gallery, March 2015
Soft back, 96 pages (Book A), 112 pages (Book B) 
Dimensions: 26.5 x 19.5 x 0.9 cm each
Language: English, Traditional Chinese
ISBN: 978-988-12802-1-3 (Book A), 978-988-12802-2-0 (Book B)
Limited edition of 600 copies

A two-volume art book featuring the collaborative works of Hong Kong artists Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong, He was lost yesterday and we found him today features a series of staged portraits in which the artists re-enact anonymous figures in old newspapers, pamphlets and other archival materials that they have been collecting for their on-going project Museum of the Lost.

The other book Museum of the Lost features the above mentioned parallel on-going project Museum of the Lost, a collection of 60 selected archival materials with bi-lingual anecdotes written by the artists that speculate on the real-life identities and stories of the anonymous figures featured in these materials.

The books are published by Blindspot Gallery to accompany the exhibition “Museum of the Lost” at the gallery from 7 March to 2 May 2015.

Exhibition details of "Museum of the Lost" (7.3 - 2.5.2015) 

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