Away from Disgrace

Jiang Pengyi

Price: HKD300 (Plus shipping and handling costs)
Published by Blindspot Gallery (HK) Limited, 2017
Hard back, 87 pages 
Dimensions: 22.6 x 29.6 x 1.5 cm
Language: English and Traditional Chinese
ISBN: 978-988-12802-5-1

Away from Disgrace features Jiang's newest works from three series which involve different experimentation of photographic materials, underscoring Jiang’s persistence to constantly investigate and innovate with the boundlessly generative potentialities of the medium. Deeply inspired by French surrealist philosopher Georges Bataille’s text L’Erotisme (1957), Jiang conceived his recent artistic development as an existential inquiry into the solitude of being, and the role of sexuality in human relationality and spirituality. The three series being showcased, In Some Time, The Sun Matched with the Sea and Dissolution, form a thematic exploration and a way of thinking about human mortality through the making of art.

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