About My Hometown

Zhang Xiao

Price: HKD80 (Plus shipping and handling costs)
Published by Blindspot Gallery, May 2015 
Soft back, 60 pages
Dimensions: 24.7 x 18.9 x 0.6 cm
Language: English, Traditional Chinese 

This exhibition catalogue features the latest photography and mixed media series from the award-winning Mainland Chinese artist Zhang Xiao. The exhibition "About My Hometown" highlights Zhang’s shifting focus from the portrayal of life in contemporary China in his previous series such as Coastline (2009-2013) and They (2006-2008) to reflections on his homecoming to Yantai, and the experiences and presences that surround it in his new works. It also demonstrates the artist's use of a wider range of medium such as collage, sound and installation in his creative repertoire.

From the shifting form of culture and entertainment, the aesthetics of the people about beauty and modernism to the absurdity of national policy, Zhang’s new works are personal recollections that mirror an ever-changing country and the lives of its people, which resonate and connect with the wider audience.

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