Angela Su participates in “Pro(s)thesis” with Tiger Lily
at Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria

10.3 - 14.5.2017

The exhibition Pro(s)thesis explores the technological penetration of the human body, which has been culturally accepted in the meantime on a large scale. The field of problems opening up with this development reveals the human physique as the central medium of the access to man, its vulnerability providing the anthropological premise for the machinations of power structures.

About Angela Su's practice
Educated as an anatomist, Su's diverse practice covers a range of media: ink drawing, embroidery, video, photography and performance. Just as her life traverses the academic division between the sciences and the humanities, her works often questions the body/machine dualism and challenges the Cartesian dichotomy of mind and body. Her works draw on the ideas of beauty, suffering of the physical body and freedom of the soul, as they echo the Buddhist doctrine stating that desire is the root of suffering. 

Revolving around the theme of biomorphic forms of plants, insects and human bodies, Su’s ink and embroidery works resemble classical anatomical drawings. Highly technical, meticulously executed and finely polished, her works live in a surreal blending of scientific precision and mythical imagination, where new forms and unique expressions are born out of a fusion of the rational and the unconscious. 

About the artist - Angela Su