Past Exhibitions

After Dinner Shu Fa, Hong Kong 2012

Yangjiang Group
(Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin)

Date: 5 – 29.9.2012
Venue: Blindspot Gallery (Central)

"After Dinner Shu Fa, Hong Kong 2012" is Yangjiang Group's first solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Yangjiang Group is an art collective founded in 2002 in Yangjiang, Guangdong Province, China by Zheng Guogu, Chen Zaiyan and Sun Qinglin. After Dinner Shu Fa is a series of photography works created from live performances of calligraphy and painting using ink and leftovers from dinner.

Shu fa, the Chinese term of calligraphy has been considered traditionally as elite art in Chinese culture. To Yangjiang Group, it is a unique medium to develop diverse contemporary art practices and experiences that include photography, painting, installation, video and performance.  The aim of the group is to rebel against the traditional situation of calligraphy in new China. The group works against current calligraphy until calligraphy and words are deconstructed into the origins of its form and meaning in the context of banal and grass-root culture.

On the opening night, Yangjiang Group had dinner at the Gallery. After dinner, the artists created 2 original works on site combining calligraphy and the food left over.

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