Past Exhibitions

A Transient Life

Enoch Cheung, South Ho Siu Nam & Kurt Tong

Date: 15.12.2010 – 19.1.2011
Venue: Blindspot Gallery (Central)

"A Transient Life" features photographic works by three Hong Kong artists that capture the brevity and the transient nature of life. Their works explore respectively how man’s mind and value, nature and physical environment transform beyond our control with the passing of time.

UK-based Hong Kong artist Kurt Tong presents his Memories, Dreams; Interrupted and In Case it Rains in Heaven series. Memories, Dreams; Interrupted explores the concept of memories and how it constantly changes beyond our control. In Case it Rains in Heaven is a series of photographs of offerings made of joss paper to be burnt for the dead. The items chosen to be made as offerings reflect the changing values of the living and consumer culture, as well as a desire for a continuation of the existing life.

South Ho Siu Nam’s Impermanence captures the ever-transforming colors of the sky and its impermanent state, resembling that the only real constant is the change itself. 

Enoch Cheung’s West Kowloon Walled City is a piece of photographic mixed-media work exploring the constantly and rapidly morphing coastline of Hong Kong.

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