Past Exhibitions

Initiators: South Ho Siu Nam, Trevor Yeung

Featured artists: Oscar Chan Yik Long, Sim Chan, Chan Wai Kwong, Cheng Ting Ting, Chloe Cheuk, Vivian Ho, Kong Chun Hei, Lai Lon Hin, Sarah Lai, Lau Wai, Bosco Law, Leung Wing Yee, Ling Pui Sze, Andrew Luk, Stephanie Sin, Samuel Adam Swope

Date: 3 - 24.12.2016

“→” indicates movement, direction and change.  “→” is an open platform where participating artists, through their works of art, can move forward or onward in space or time embodying all possibilities. The exhibition is a 3-week experimental project convened by artists Trevor Yeung and South Ho Siu Nam. The exhibition displays a variety of media by 16 Hong Kong artists, who are invited to participate by each selecting a work or series that most represents recent developments in their own artistic practices. Approaching the end of the year, “→” provides a collective opportunity for these artists to think about their own states of practice and to offer audiences intimation of their future movements. Part of the proceeds will benefit non-profit independent art space 100ft. PARK to support programming that focuses on Hong Kong young artists. 

About the artist - Oscar Chan Yik Long
About the artist - Sim Chan
About the artist - Chan Wai Kwong
About the artist - Cheng Ting Ting
About the artist - Chloe Cheuk
About the artist - Vivian Ho
About the artist - Kong Chun Hei
About the artist - Lai Lon Hin
About the artist - Sarah Lai
About the artist - Lau Wai
About the artist - Bosco Law
About the artist - Leung Wing Yee
About the artist - Ling Pui Sze
About the artist - Andrew Luk
About the artist - Stephanie Sin
About the artist - Samuel Adam Swope

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