Otto Li Tin Lun

b. 1980, Hong Kong

Otto Li Tin Lun obtained his BA and MFA from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong. He was a concept artist in a CG animation company for years and this background has been a constant source of inspiration for him.

His works A Halo of Counting Down and Amitabha were selected for the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Awards 2012.

Li’s recent work focuses on exploring how different types of images are produced and presented, and their relationship with human beings. By reconstructing images in the forms of sculptures, virtual modelling, digital images and interactive installations, he explores the possibilities of interpreting and re-interpreting images, as well as reflecting upon our relationship with the nature of space, time, media and technology.

About Inner Vision
Li goes deeper into our perception of the human body, decomposing its components in order to analyse them. The body structure has been engraved in optical glass, mimicking x-ray imagery. The lighting is made at a body rhythm, like a breathing rhythm. For the artist, light expands our vision and we cannot just limit our perception of objects to their appearance. Biotechnologies and a scientific perspective become increasingly fundamental in our relation to the body. Norms spring from measurement and this measurement keeps changing. Will normality be defined on the basis of a scientific scan of the human body? Today scientists can predict disease from DNA samples. What with identity? To what kind of discriminations will this lead?

Exhibition details of "The Human Body: Measure and Norms" (5.12.2015 - 6.2.2016)

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