Mo Yi

b. 1958, Tibet, China

Mo Yi delineates the oppression of urban life in China in striking, often eerie visuals. From the late 1980s through the 1990s, Mo Yi encapsulated on photograph the sense of insecurity of Chinese people, as brought on by the country’s political and social changes. His works from this period are among the most important works in Chinese conceptual photography.

Be it the distorted profiles of city dwellers in series My Illusory City and Street Face, the lack of individuality in the hectic city life in series Tossing Bus China, Images Through a Dog’s Mind, or the artist’s self-portraits in series Me in My Surroundings, Mo Yi’s works depict the alienation of individuals against a backdrop of rapid urbanization. Often shot from unexpected angles, the photographs are provocative in their ambiguity and embody the artist’s cry against the repressive existence in Chinese society.

Exhibition details of "New Framework: Chinese Avant-garde Photography 1980s-90s" (12.5 - 26.7.2013)

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