Clémence Torres

b. 1986, France

Clémence Torres graduated from the National Fine Arts Schools (ENSBA) in Lyon, France, she now lives and works in Hong Kong.

Using a minimalistic aesthetic, her sculptures are based on her own size, a kind of adaptation of Le Corbusier’s “modulor” concept to her own person. Her body is then the reference from which everything flows, a complex tool to feel, inhabit and see the space in a very specific way. She gives us what she calls a “sincere space” in which the limits of bodies are put to test. The sensuality that emanates from her work contrasts with the industrial materials she uses, such as glass and metal.

About Blind Balance
In Torres’ latest work Blind Balance, 5 tempered glass panels are hanged from the ceiling and stand vertically on their edge against the floor. The width of each panel corresponds to a standard size used in architecture to allow for the passing through of persons. Yet a strip of cement coated on the glass is obstructing each glass panel which, at the height of 158 cm, is not standard at all: on the contrary, it is very subjective as it has been set to fit the artist’s eye level. The artist therefore traces her own horizon as the public cannot see above what she can actually see.

Exhibition details of "The Human Body: Measure and Norms" (5.12.2015 - 6.2.2016)

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