Chila Kumari BURMAN

b. Liverpool, United Kingdom

Chief influences in Burman’s art remain her family and Indian roots. One often finds images of ice cream, cornets, and lolly ices scattered throughout her beautiful works that seamlessly blend references to popular culture with family photos, Bollywood stars and Hindu gods.

Burman has worked experimentally across print, paint, sculpture, photography and mixed media since the mid 1980’s. Drawing on fine and pop art imagery, she explores Asian femininity, her personal family history, and articulates a critical position within contemporary post-colonial consumption saturated Britain.

About Fortune and Perfect Fit
Burman explores issues of gender and race through the aesthetics of collecting. Playing with the formal properties of dress accessories, lingerie, bindis, bras, flowers, hair- pieces and jewelry, she works with repetition, pattern and allusions to the hyper-feminine, the sexual and the everyday. Encompassing the idea of Arte Povera and recycled materials, Burman cleverly transforms these “worthless” materials that many consider cheap kitsch into a body of art worthy of serious contemplation.
Exhibition details of "Fragments of My Imagination" (19.11 - 23.12.2011)

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